Laser Gum Therapy in Fox Island WA

Laser Gum Therapy in Fox Island, WA

Modern Technology Offers Quick, Effective Treatment

The use of lasers in orthodontics has revolutionized the industry and Master Orthodontics is no exception to this cutting-edge technology. Laser gum therapy in Fox Island, WA, offers comfort, reduced treatment times, and quicker recovery times. It’s completely safe, painless, and effective. Dr. Caballero has decades of experience with laser treatment, which he conveniently provides in-office.

Tissue Recontouring In-Office

Dr. Caballero utilizes laser therapy for gum recontouring on patients with receding gums, gummy smiles, or an uneven gum line. While these are generally cosmetic issues, there are times gum recontouring is used for health reasons. In patients with gum tissue overgrowth, pockets can develop that are difficult to keep clean and lead to the growth of bacteria. However, the tissue can be maintained at normal levels with simple laser dentistry that is painless and also makes the smile more pleasing. A safe alternative to gum surgery, laser therapy is a cutting-edge technology that offers patients effective results with shorter recovery time. The result is a beautiful smile with healthier gums and increased overall oral health.

What is Frenectomy?

The frenulum is the tissue that connects the tongue to the mouth. When children are born with a short frenulum, it can greatly affect how they swallow and speak. For newborns, having a short frenulum makes it difficult to nurse and gain weight. Often, patients with this condition are referred to as tongue-tied. If the condition is not corrected, it can lead to dental problems in the future.

The good news is that Dr. Caballero has the expertise to perform lingual frenectomies in-house, using laser treatment, which permanently removes the frenulum. Both the procedure and recovery times are quick and for newborns and infants, it corrects nursing and eating problems. In older children, a lingual frenectomy improves speech.

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