Why See an Orthodontist Near Me?

Here at Master, we know the value of your orthodontic health is all important, and our goal is to be your orthodontic treatment provider of choice. While it may be tempting to look outside of Port Orchard, Bremerton, or Gig Harbor for your treatment needs, there are plenty of compelling reasons to keep it local! Read on to learn more about the benefits of seeing a local orthodontist and answer the question, Why see an orthodontist near me?    

What are the benefits of seeing a local orthodontist? 

We Have Multiple Treatment Options!

You wouldn’t expect everyone to wear the same glasses prescription or need the same medication dosage. The same goes for orthodontic treatment. There is no “one-size-fits-all,” and for a good reason! Every individual’s needs, goals, and lifestyles are different, and all are important factors when choosing between clear aligners, traditional metal braces, and ceramic braces. Many online or virtual services offer only one option, and it might not be the best one for you. 

Dr. Caballero will carefully examine your case and then explain the differences between the treatment options before discussing which one they think is the best route for you and why. He will also take all the time needed to answer any questions so you can be knowledgeable and confident when deciding.

Professional consultation 

In-person orthodontic care includes a personalized visit . Dr. Caballero will quickly put you at ease while providing an individual approach so that you will be confident knowing that you can have a great-looking and healthy smile! 

Moment-to-moment updates 

Oftentimes, treatment plans may need adjusting between visits based on reactions to your realignment procedures, newly-discovered issues, or a variety of other factors. Dr. Caballero is on-hand and ready to make personalized adjustments to your care. 

Why See an Orthodontist Near Me?

Face-to-face Treatment Plans

Dr. Caballero is an award-winning professional with years of experience. He will quickly put you at ease while providing an individual approach to your process that will ensure a great-looking and healthy smile!. Feel free to see our before and after gallery on Facebook or Instagram that will show you the quality of work we produce.


Master Orthodontics is open Monday through Thursday and 2 Friday’s a month.  We offer convenient appointment options and have locations throughout the Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Gig Harbor communities. .  

What are some reasons to see an orthodontist? 


In the case of an overbite, the upper front teeth overlap  excessively  the lower front teeth. This can lead to excessive wear of tooth enamel or inflammation of the palatal tissues. 

Traditional braces or clear aligners (Invisalign or Spark) are necessary to correct an overbite. 


Also known as an anterior crossbite, this is where the lower jaw sits out in front of the upper jaw. When not corrected, underbites make chewing difficult and prevent normal jaw function.

Dr. Caballero will work closely with you to help reshape the jaw or redirect jaw growth to develop a proper bite.


This refers to the misalignment of either the teeth, jaws or both, in which upper teeth sit inside lower teeth. Untreated crossbites may lead to chin asymmetries (deviation forward or to the left or right side of the face) which, left untreated, may become permanent.  

Also, crossbites resulting from a narrow upper jaw are easier to treat in 7-10-year-old patients. At this age, patients experience almost no discomfort while widening the maxillae.  As patients age, the amount of pressure necessary to create expansion increases until the age at which the only way to widen the jaw requires surgery.


Crowding results from not having enough space for teeth to erupt normally.  This may be due to the jaw being too small, the teeth being too large, or baby teeth being lost prematurely.  As we monitor dental development and tooth eruption, we will help to ensure teeth have the space to erupt properly, which oftentimes will save the need to solve other problems later.

Why See an Orthodontist Near Me?

Join Our Family! 

And there you have it! You’ve learned all about why it’s important to have your very own orthodontist! Not only that but you are all caught up on a few of the typical bite problems you may want to come in for. Here at Master Orthodontics, we know that an informed patient is a happy patient, so great job on taking the initiative to learn more!! We offer complimentary consultations, flexible scheduling, and (if we don’t say so ourselves) the warmest, most inclusive environment you will find for all your orthodontic care needs. Call today to schedule your visit!